• Lyrics:
    Written by: DD Allen (PRS)

    Along came young Jerry , his ride he love most
    He rode town to town, he rode coast to coast
    The last thing i heard he’d rode straight back to hell
    As if one day the curtain literally just fell

    Cole hears his woman ain’t being sincere
    These things don’t take long to get far round here
    He hares down the dueley, one lane to another
    In an old beaten hatchback belonged his mother
    Slade ventures down to his local blue bookies
    He scans through his tickets like an old jar of cookies
    He’s forgot about Toronto, and the Highland Springs
    He sings here I have all the best things

    Excuse me, while I think of the phrase
    The old man’s so stuck in his ways
    Just Like The Old Days

    Me I went drivin’, through the unguarded docks
    To a small fishing pier close to Old Harry Rocks
    No one to try beat me down as I rise
    No one to pull the wool over my eyes
    Imagine if opinion, blew it’s own cover
    It’d all be the same sound, the same shape and colour
    Everythin’ sincere, yet sincerely vein
    In a world where we all shared the same name

    Amuse me, with your sorry cliches
    Fire up that honey green haze
    Just like the old days
    Baby use me, if one wants then one stays
    Live life like life’s just a phase
    Just like the old days