Sun 21 Jan

Lyrics - Luca

Written and arranged by DD Allen (PRS)
© Published by Sentric Music / DD Allen


Should the anchor decide, I am no lion
Should the princess of soul turn up dressed in dregs
The watchmen points out the belt of Orion
Says now and then I just need to stretch my legs

One finally admits where one got one’s tag
Through a storm of violence   
Clutching a worn old victorian rag
His lady slumps in silence
Word around town, is that on a victory lane they got something cooking
Not much to lose, and everything to gain
So I went looking

A Woman on the moon, she calls herself the ice queen
White like snow, a poison arrow
A sermans confession, to St Augustine
The bells have fallen, yes I mean all of ‘em

On a worn out road by a fading meadow
I wiped the dust from my chin
From the thirsty crows and walls of lego
From my tombstone risin’
The bells that had fallen, are all back clanging
All the way from nowhere
If you’re feeling bad about how you left stuff hanging
I’m ain’t sure we’ll care

She takes up an oath, on the top floor of a hotel
Burns the wick, and lights up the traffic
The chimes of your well, are standing on an eggshell
Above the sand, and all the wasteland

Through the rigid ways of our privileged vision
Are the sounds so different high up in the air
While you crumble in cellars of your indecision
It’s cold but sometimes life just isn’t fair

Down south he finds something essentially
So funny his sides split
Out in the sea he fishes up the key to the city
Then simply unlocks it
These 24 hours have been black white and grey
I’ve been damn well tested
Good night and sweet dreams mysterious day
It’s time I rested

A note  from Chicago, cleared up my airway
And cured my sickness,  God as my witness
The rims of your wheels, turn up your own pathway
Searching for a train to the sun
Trying to find out just how the hell we are one

We are one

We are one

We are one